Thursday, 18 February 2010

NEW 3in1 Gelcoat Cleaner Sealer & Polisher

Thinking of all the jobs that need to be done before you can get back to enjoying your time on the water? Well here is a new product which can speed up one of the more laborious tasks!
TCnano Gelcoat Cleaner Sealer & Polisher.
A 250ml little bottle that does a big job, (approx 30 foot job) restoring faded gelcoat surfaces and improving UV-resistance.
TCnano definitely worth a try.
TCnano Gelcoat Cleaner Sealer & Polisher

Cleaning, Polishing and Sealing All-In-One 250ml
TCnano works exclusively with chemical nano-technology. TCnano use the latest knowledge about nano materials and combines it with organic and inorganic chemicals. This is then used to create tailored products with new functional surface properties.

What is a Nano-technology?

Understanding and controlling materials of size 1 to 100 nanometres. Mathematically a nano is 10-9, which means that one nanometer is 1 millionth of a millimetre.

TCnano works by :
  • Chemically bonding to substrate.
  • Accumulates in surface fissures.
  • Creates an ultra smooth surface.
  • Prevents adhesion of dirt.
  • Creates a hydrophobic surface.
Gelcoat Sealing - Cleaning, polishing and sealing all-in-one.
  • Multifunctional and time saving.
  • Easy2Use properties for all, above water, gelcoat surfaces.
  • Restores and polishes faded surfaces.
  • Repels water and dirt.
  • Improves UV protection.
  • Repeated treatment prolongs effect.
  • 250ml treats freeboard of a 30ft craft.
  • Available in 250ml aluminium can.