Wednesday, 28 September 2011

NEW! Cordless Water Pump!

Well I'm glad someone came up with the idea! A water pump which requires no wires to sypon water. The Aquacharge is small, easy to use and can pump up to 750 litres of water on a single charge! Thats 190 litres every 10 minutes!
The pump is fully rechargeable (12 hours estimated until full charge) and comes with all the adaptors and hose lengths you need.
This little baby can pump fresh and salt water no problem, and you can plug the charging system into a 12V electrical system. Easy!
It can be plugged into any standard garden hose for extra length and comes with a removeable filter, so you can clean it quickly and easily.

So if you need to empty that fish tank, water logged cannoe, washing machine or anything which require water to be moved from one place to another, quickly and efficiently, this is for you!

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