Friday, 28 October 2011

It can really do ALL THAT?!

Never would I have believed a polish to do as many things as this claims to do, and be used on so many things!

The PolySystem-One from Starbrite has high claims. It says it can be used on almost any surface and on almost any appliance; even toasters! (yes, you read correctly, toasters.....who would want to polish a toaster?!) It also claims that you can polish a 20 foot boat in less than an hour, due to its fabulous and unique ingredients which speed up the polishing process. Don't believe me? Well Starbrite must be confident, as they give this product a 2 year guarantee (when applied correctly of course).

The way it works is that it bonds itself ionically to your surface you are polishing by electro molecular action, which produces an invisible sheen (like liquid glass). This seals almost every pore and protects from elements that attack and degrade the surface.

It is very user friendly, and is applied like you would use a normal polish (wax on, wax off, wax on, wax off...Daniel-son) and even if you have never ever ever polished a boat, car, washing machine or toaster before, Starbrite assures you will get professional super looking results.

Well I best hurry up and buy some if its this good!

For more information, prices and availability, please visit and get one whilst you can!!!