Monday, 7 November 2011

NEW! Boaties Frying Pan Cookbook

Got a Boaties Frying Pan? Love it? But tired of the same old meals; eggs, bacon, sausages? Need some fresh ideas, recipes to make your friends go wow? Then have a look at the Boaties Frying Pan cookbook. It has been adapted from cookbooks by Carolyn Humphries, in which they were originally written for the regular frying pan.
I was amazed to see how many unique, healthy and modern classics there were included in this book. There are some really fancy, mouthwatering dishes, that seem so easy to accomplish on just the Boaties Frying Pan. You can even make recipes such as scones, bread and butter pudding, souffles and stir-fry's, as well as the old classics like pancakes and fry ups!

(I think I may try some of these recipes out when I get home on a regular frying pan!!)

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