Wednesday, 14 March 2012

NEW! Ocean Safety Premier Kru Sport Pro Automatic Lifejacket

If you want a lifejacket that comes with more technical gadgets that you can shake a stick at, then the Premier Kru Sport Pro Lifejacket, from Ocean Safety, is the Lifejacket for you.
Introduced this year by the safety specialists themselves, the lifejacket features their Aquaspec AQ98 Lifejacket Light as well as the Kannad Safelink R10 Automatic Identification System Survivor Recovery System (or AIS SRS for short). This wonderful little gadget helps you be located quickly if you happen to take a non-planned plunge in the ocean. Ocean Safety are one of the first companies to incorporate this fantastic (and yet, quite simple) system into a lifejacket. Once the lifejacket inflates, the Kannad Safelink is triggered, enabling those on board with an AIS chart plotter to quickly and efficiently locate and retrieve a missing crew member. The AQ98 Lifejacket Light is pretty handy too, its one of the smallest lights in the world, but dont let that put you off. The combination switch allows the user either manual or automatic operation for activation and it has a 5 Year Life!
Premier Kru Sport Pro Lifejacket
Kannad Safelink R10 AIS SRS Aquaspec AQ98 Lifejacket Light
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For Safety Data Sheet please click HERE
For Safety Data Sheet please click HERE
lifejacket light

Please note : Images above are the Black automatic without harness option.