Wednesday, 18 April 2012

NEW! Spinlock Deckvest Lite Lifejackets

WINNER of the Safety Equipment Category at METS 2012

"The Spinlock Deckvest Lite Lifejacket sets new quality standards in fast power craft and inshore sailing safety."
RECOGNISED by the Dame Award judges.

£123.50 inc UK VAT
(as of 18/4/12 subject to change)

Introducing the new Lite Deckvest from Spinlock. A lifejacket not weighed down by spray hoods, lights, whistles, PLB's etc that you get with a normal lifejacket, but designed as a sleeker, more lightweight alternative, mostly aimed at dinghy racers and sailors who hate bulk.
Its the most basic Automatic lifejacket you'll probably get, but if you want to upgrade it you can, as there are attachments to fix a light and spray hood.
One size fits all and is CE Approved ISO12402-.