Tuesday, 10 June 2014

New Website Features

We've launched our new website, with plenty of hours put in we still have plenty more hours work to make best of our new features. 

We are now able to show you product videos along with multiple images giving you a better view.  We magic zoom so you can pick out the more intricate details of the product you are looking purchase. 

If you have a marinestore.co.uk login you can now look at your order history and we have a quick click to re-order the same order, so if you're trying to get last years antifoul product match it's easy. 

We've been working closely with PayPal too so you can now use their express checkout which auto fills you delivery fields and takes the payment directly from your PayPal account. 

We could continue to list features of the new site but we think it's best you go check out the new fresh look yourself. 

Visit our site now! http://marinestore.co.uk